Ear Mould

A custom mould of the ear that takes amplified sound from the behind-the-ear hearing aid to the ear. Each ear mould is made specifically for a person and cannot be used by another person. In the first two years of life ear moulds may need to be changed frequently due to the child’s rapid growth. At over three years of age a child may keep the same ear mould for as long as one year. As the child grows an ear mould may become loose and cause feedback/ whistling. Ear moulds come in clear tones to match the skin or a variety of colours. We have brought in Uttrakhand the LATEST system of Precision Fit Process to REPLACE Traditional Custom Hearing Protection Device fabrication process.┬áPrecision fit process solution is based on 3D technology which uses a scan of the ear impression to create a Digital Image. A 3D modelling software is then used to design the Personalised Hearing Protection Device. The software is also used to verify the fit & canal direction for optimum comfort, and best acoustic performance.A High-Definition, high quality 3D printer is then used to print ultra-thin layers ultimately creating the exact 3D structure which enables a digitally precise fabricated Custom Hearing Protection Device using our Proprietary Process.